Privacy & Security

Phonebook is designed with privacy and security as a top priority.

Your data are a valuable asset. They belong to you.

  • We don't upload and save private data; we only hold data that you enter in our system.

  • Only you have access to enter, change, delete and share your data and updates.

  • You will always be able to delete your account from our system with one click.

  • When you delete your account we will immediately delete all your data.

  • We will never sell, share, or expose personal information about you or your connections without your consent.


Phonebook allows you to share your own contact information privately.

  • You only share your contact information with contacts that you want to connect with.

  • You choose per contact what you share: your private details, your business details or both.

  • If you don’t want to share your new details with a contact you just deny the connection.

  • We don't save or share locally saved private contact information from others.

  • Every user is only once in our database; data is transferred by rights users have to other users' updates.

Our company and data handling is according to European GDPR 2018.

Data is handled through industry standard 256-bit SSL encryption.

We regularly seek external security expertise to review our systems.

We don't upload any contact details other than those you fill in in our system.

For more details please read our
General Agreement and our Privacy Policy.


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