Frequently Asked Questions

What does Phonebook exactly do?

Phonebook makes sure you will always have the correct details of all your contacts. If they change their details Phonebook will automatically change these details in your native contacts application. And if you change your own details, your contacts will automatically get your changes. Furthermore, Phonebook will add the important contact details that you have missed. Just connect with your contacts and let Phonebook do the work. Link & Sync in a Blink!


Do you have native integration?

Phonebook integrates with the native contacts application. In our opinion that is the only way contact-syncing can actually work. Other applications ask you to open them to find contact details. We think this isn't something you want to do. When you want to reach someone, you don't want to open another contacts application and tap “Call”. You want to work from the communications application you are already using. Phonebook is the one and only fully integrated contact management application.

Do you prevent duplicates?

Phonebook matches users with their mobile numbers. So, Phonebook will not duplicate an existing contact in your native contacts application. Phonebook will add missing details and update old details to your existing contacts. The old details will be archived. Details from your contacts will be complete and up to date.


Does Phonebook work with voice commands?

Handsfree use of your mobile device with voice commands like “Call Hannah Andersson” or “Drive to James Davis” will work in 100% of the times. Phonebook makes sure you call the correct number and drive to the right address. No stress, no wrong navigations, always right and spot on.


How do you handle my details?

Phonebook works together with the ‘Me Card’ in iOS and the ‘My Profile’ in Android. Just update these and your connections will get your updates automatically. In web pages you can autofill your latest details in online forms from the ‘My Card’ and ‘My Profile’. Save time and start now.

Why don't I see my correct information in the 'My Card' in iOS?

Probably your 'My Card' is not connected to your contact details. Please check the following:

  1.   Open the “Settings” app on iPhone, then go to “Contacts”

  2.   In the "Contacts" section tap on “My Info”

  3.   Select your personal contact card that identifies yourself and contains your contact and address information by tapping on it

Now your own personal contact information is set to you on your iPhone. You can verify this at the top in your contacts application.


How much does Phonebook cost?

Phonebook is for free and will stay for free for private use.


What about my privacy?

We are based in the European Union, our servers are located in Ireland and The Netherlands. We work according to all European legislation included the latest GDPR (2018). We don’t use data for marketing. We don’t believe in selling data. Our revenue comes from companies using our service for inhouse phone book automation.


What is Phonebooks privacy policy?

We take both privacy and security very seriously. For example, if you don't like our app you can easily delete your account. And all your data will be deleted immediately. You can find our straightforward privacy policy and terms here.


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Phonebook is an Act2All BV product: KVK 69958009